Seller’s Guide

Every homeowner wants to get top-dollar for their home and they should.  Here we will provide you with a guide to helping you with getting the most you can for your home.

  1. Declutter every room, closet, cabinet, basement, storage area, and garage area.   You want buyers to be able to see the house and its room for what they have to offer, don’t let them get distracted.
  2. Clean the entire house, from top to bottom, including windows and entry doors.  
  3. Entry area (walk ways, steps, landing area, and front door) should be welcoming.  
  4. Make sure that the landscaping is trimmed and well taken care of.
  5. Repair any major issues, i.e. leaking plumbing, damaged sheetrock, broken window, etc
  6. Re-paint bold colors with warm neutral colors.
  7. Replace severely warn out or stained carpets.
  8. Hire an experienced local real estate agent.  Your agent should give you detailed advice on all the above as well as other staging tips.

Many of us also work with buyers so we know what buyers are looking for and how they react to a staged house vs one that has just placed a For Sale sign on the lawn.

  1. Know your timing.  Discuss with your agent when do you need to sell by.  Your agent needs to make sure that based on your objective, that your home is placed on the market at that right time.  
  2. Price your home correctly, you don’t want to be the seller that chases the market and has his/her home listed on the market for months and months.  Doing this will ultimately result in you getting less for your home as compared to pricing it right from the beginning.  
  3. Interview a few real estate agents.  Ask about their selling experience, how long does it take for their listing to sell, how to they market their listings, etc.  
  4. Lastly, go to and read that agents reviews.  Find out what past clients have said about their services and results.   
  5. Good Luck!